CSN Bedroom Furniture - Horrible Service/Horrible Company

Posted on Friday, October 9th, 2009 at 7:58am CDT by Anonymous

Company: CSN Bedroom Furniture

Location: Boston, MA, 02199, US

URL: http://www.bedroomFurniture.com/

Category: Other

After ordering a bedroom set online, waiting the two week period for the shipment to ship, time passes and no shipment was made. Several e mails/calls later my order finally shipped three days after the week period of shipment.

Upon receiving the bedroom set I open to find the wrong set. The bedroom set is the from the same manufacture but with a different finish than I ordered. I immediately call and I am told they will have someone call me the next day.I proceed to call the next day after not having received a call by noon and then still three days later I am fighting the company in the fact that I did not recieve what I ordered. In finally had to take pictures and send to them to prove it was a different set, even though the name on the package clearly stated it was a different set.

After another week and numerous calles/e mails they finally sent UPS to pick up the product.They sent me several e mails stating I would receive my FULL refund and no shipping charges would be taken out since this was clearly thier fault. They told me my card could not be credited until the product was back in the warehouse.

Two weeks after the product was back at the warehouse and still there was no post of a credit on my card. I proceeded to call/e mail again CSN customer service. Finally it was posted to my card only the credit was short almost $150.

I am now disputing them through my credit card company and with my e mails and documentation I will be credited the full amount through my VISA card, however this is only because I am so diligent.

The fact is this company has messed up from the begining to the end. The customer service is horrible. They clearly sent the wrong product to me. A month and a half later I still can not get a full refund for a problem I had no control over. I did not even receive what I ordered.

This company has thousands of products online that appear to be at great pricing and so forth. However to anyone who ordereds from there, the money you may or may not save is not worth the hassel for if you have any problems. I will clearly NEVER order anything from this company again!


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