Posted on Friday, October 9th, 2009 at 5:32pm CDT by d61bb58f

Product: Replacement Cell Phone

Company: Asurion

Location: P O Box 110656 Nashville TN 37222
Nashville, TN, 37222, US


Category: Other

I submitted a claim for a damaged phone, was sent a new phone and a postage paid envelope in to return the damaged phone.

I followed the instructions, put the phone in the envelope and the postal employee that comes into the office of the elementary school where I work personally picked up the mail on August 25, 2009.

Shortly thereafter I received a phone call asking for the damaged equipment. I returned the call, which was to an automated system which prompted me to put in the claim number and the choice which indicated I had returned the equipment.

On September 15th I received a letter stating that the phone had not been received. I immediately called and was told by the representative who took the call that the warehouse had probably not processed it yet. She said she would extend the time and there was no reason to worry.

On October 9, 2009, without any notice, my account was put into a negative balance because my it had been charged $150.00 for a so called non returned phone.

Once again I immediately called and the representative who took my call said he would credit my account and transfer me to someone who would take care of returning the money to my account.

She proceeded to argue with me and ask me to return the phone. I assured her that I had done so and that was why I was calling her. She was even bold enough to tell me that the G1 phone was the most non returned phone. I assured her that there must be a problem with the processing department if I was not the only customer having this problem.

I cannot even begin to express my frustration with this matter. I am hoping that Asurion is an upstanding company who will make restitution as soon as possible.


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