Direct TV - Wrong Equipment

Posted on Thursday, October 8th, 2009 at 3:50am CDT by 7e0e9073

Product: DVR/Standard Receiver

Company: Direct TV

Location: P.O. Box 6550 Greenwood Village, CO 80155-6550
Greenwood Village, CO, 80155, US

Category: Other

I want to make it clear that I ordered a DVR but got a Standard receiver. I want to make clear that I didn't know my order was messed up until the installation guy got to my house, I didn't receive an email from Direct TV, I didn't get the letter of the order from Direct TV until the day after installation was done. I called Direct TV twice before setting up my order with them, I have the phone records to prove that because I wanted to be sure I was getting what I asked for and wanted to talk to different reps and asked them the same questions to see if there answers matched and when it did, I signed up for the premier package to get the 5 months free, the NFL Sunday Ticket and the DVR on 9/11/09 but what I got on installation day 9/15/09 was everything but the DVR and I made sure to call Direct TV as soon as the installation guy told me I didn't have a DVR. While on the phone with a Sales rep then a Supervisor they both told me, that I could not do nothing because the order was now finalized and if I wanted to get that DVR it would cost me 176.09 up front on my debit or credit card. Now I'm mad cause I wanted the DVR, it was going to come free with the package and the sales rep 9/11/09 made sure it would come free with my order by running my credit over the phone so how did he mess up this order and give me a standard reciever?? I do not know but I do know that Direct TV records these conversations so why is it so hard for them to go over this tape or conversation with me and the rep and see that he clearly messed up the order and I clearly wanted and clearly ordered a DVR. I have the BBB report sent to them but it doesn't seem like Direct TV wants to correct the reps mistake and want to make me pay for the mistake. I will not pay for the reps mistake especially when there is a tape confriming that I indeed placed an order for a DVR but got something totally different. When it's the companies fault that makes problems occur, shouldn't the company fix it?? Why in the world would I pay for something I was going to get for free in the first place when I placed my order in on 9/11/09?? I refuse to pay 176.09, I want to prusue this legally because I don't like being treated unfairly and given bad service when at the end of the day my money pays for this stuff. I want what I ordered 9/11/09 and Direct TV should be wanting to fix this issue, I want to remain a customer, I just have the wrong equipment.


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