Swatch - Two debits on my credit card and no watch

Posted on Thursday, October 8th, 2009 at 1:14pm CDT by 57d91ffc


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In October 7, 2009 ive tried to make an order in the Swatch online store, of a SILVER FULL BLOODED watch, but my credit card couldnot be reconized (because its issued in Brazil) and the order cannot be processed. I did not know that I was not able to use this credit card when I was trying to make the order.

However Ive cheked with VISA statement and the payment of USD 173,37 was processed twice, but the order WASNOT confirmed anyway.

I already called VISA here in Brasil and they informed me that I have to call Swatch customer service. I called Swatch today and the assistant was very rude and told me that she was not able to help me, because this card is issued in Brazil, and VISA is now using my money.

Can someone help me????? because neither VISA or Swatch can solve it.


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