General Electric - GE Service Contract

Posted on Thursday, October 8th, 2009 at 4:23pm CDT by 7fee101f

Product: Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

Company: General Electric

Location: US

Category: Other

GE sold us an extended warranty (service) contract on our Reverse Osmosis Water Filter. On or about August 18, 2009 we reported a problem with the unit and they sent out someone to repair it. He could not do so and has been back twice since. GE will not take any action to obtain another repair person or install a new unit. Hence for almost two months, we have been trying to get the unit fixed. I would not ever buy another GE contract for an extended warranty.

Moreover, because the unit is tied to our GE refrigerator, our refrigerator has begun freezing over. Again, we have a service contract with GE -- but they cannot repair the refrig until the water system is working. Hence, the delay in obtaining service on the water filter is causing us to without a freezer.

Finally, when I talked to customer service, a person by the name of David (employee number 4479) he just laughed and refused to take action. Indeed,he was extremely rude!!!


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