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Posted on Wednesday, October 7th, 2009 at 1:02pm CDT by 44f32c6d

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I spoke with the assistant manager at my branch and she told me that they changed to a system where:

1.) The online system shows you REAL TIME balance only on point of sale purchases and outstanding authorizations.

2.) The balance Does Not reflect any checks or ACH Debits that posted to the account. These checks and ACH debits get removed from your account that morning but dont officially POST until the next day.

As a result any charges you put through on the VISA debit card that day will probably cause the account to decrease in balance and possibly go negative. You will get charged $35 for EACH VISA charge that makes your account go negative. Even for a $10 VISA purchase youll get charged $35 overdraft fee.

What the hell do we have online banking for if it's not correct and up to the minute?

This is the same problem I had with Bank of America and Im switching banks because of it.

Seems to me like these banks are all shit now and want to squeeze every last dollar out of their customer in such a nasty way. They set you up with an online system thats NOT accurate and let you put charges through on the debit card, and then bang you over the head on fees the next day.

Im surprised theres no law against it.


c9c6f7a5, 2009-11-01, 07:35PM CST


Even though your credit line is subject to an overdraft fee of $5 to $35 and a 14% interest charge. THEY DO NOT TELL YOU THIS! They do not tell you that your "Available Balance" includes the amount of your overdraft credit limit (usually $500) and if you withdraw any of that amount (from an ATM machine or bank) you will be charged an overdraft charge and 14% interest!

They do not tell you that the difference between your "Available Balance" and your "Current Balance" is the amount of your overdraft limit (usually $500) and if you withdraw that amount (from an ATM machine or bank) you will be charged 14% interest!

INVESTIGATION! - If you have inadvertently withdrawn money from your overdraft credit line, and were charged interest, go to for more information and to complete a questionnaire, or contact: Steven G. Tyson, Esq. 610-876-1482 and [email protected]

1f1682a4, 2010-09-08, 01:26AM CDT

I closed my account with a 0 (zero) balance. Four months later, they started calling me every day, telling them I owe them $111 for some charge that they said was "disputed" at the time when the account was closed, and therefore did not show on the statement at that time. I NEVER DISPUTED ANYTHING - they simply made the whole thing up, and I ended paying for the $111 twice (the second time after they forcefully re-opened my account).

I am still not very sure I got rid of them though - they ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO SEND YOU ANY STATEMENTS or anything showing balances, transactions, etc, "because you no longer have an account with us." They call you on Saturdays and Sunday, in the middle of the night, etc.

Oh, I forgot to mention - the reason I closed the account is because you MUST have a balance of $100 or more at all times, otherwise they charge exorbitant fees. If you have any respect for your money, find ANY OTHER BANK. They are the devil!!!

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