Stubhub - Stubhub uses deceptive tactics to weasle out of their guarantee

Posted on Wednesday, October 7th, 2009 at 10:14am CDT by 475efe00

Product: Sporting event tickets

Company: Stubhub

Location: 199 Fremont St 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA, 94105-6635, US


Category: Other

I purchased tickets for a sporting event in May 2009 with a guarantee that I will receive my tickets in time for the event. The event was schedule September 20,2009. I attempted to login to my account online to check the status numerous time but my account was oddly enough, LOCKED. I contacted Stubhub on Sept 3rd to notify them that my account was locked and they had no reason as to why. I had NOT received my tickets yet and that the online tracking for these tickets through FedEX claims that they were left on my doorstep. I was advised to look around my home and see if FedEX left them somewhere hidden. I followed up with Stubhub on September 15 to notify them that I searched around my home, asked the office to my apartment and others that live around my apartment if they had seen the package or maybe inadvertlantly picked it up or mis-delivered by FedEX. I still had not received my tickets. I was then informed that I must file a police report and a claim with FedEX for lost package. I contacted FedEX and they require that the SENDER file the claim and the local police departments could not file a report for lost tickets because I never posessed the tickets therefore they can not be classified as stolen.

I was notified by Stubhub on Sept 16 that they would contact the seller and request reprinted tickets. I was never contacted after that response to whether or not I would be receiving my tickets.

Stubhub now claims that since the event has passed, there is nothing they can do and I am out of pocket $788.


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