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Posted on Wednesday, October 7th, 2009 at 7:35pm CDT by 785bff04

Company: Borders Books

Location: Ann Arbor, Mi, 48108, US


Category: Other

I pre-ordered a book on I also ordered a second book. Since the first book was in stock I was charged for both books and the first one was shipped right away. The second books was released for the first time two months later. I waited two weeks. I called customer service and talked to a representative, she told me that she could see where I paid for the books and that one was shipped. She said she would get back with me by email. I heard nothing back. I tried to call, the representatives see my account online, they hang up on me immediately with out a word. I made a Better Business Bureau complaint, they emailed me that something went wrong with the order and I was never charged for the book. I have a credit card statement that says other wise. They will not respond to the Better Business Bureau complaint, they will send me the book, they will not give me my money back, and now won't answer my emails or talk to me on the phone.


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