Shell Oil - Shell Oil Credit Card - after 38 years - this is how they treat you.

Posted on Tuesday, October 6th, 2009 at 9:16am CDT by 9f36a142

Product: Shell Oil Credit Card

Company: Shell Oil

Location: Houston, TX
Houston, TX, US


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After 38 years of being a Shell customer - I've decided to end the relationship.

In August - as is our normal habit - my wife paid our Shell credit card bill in full. We have been doing this for 38 years and have *NEVER* had an overdue balance. She paid it by check as we always do and mailed in the payment.

The payment was received and processed by Shell Oil 2 days later - and then the payment was rejected by our bank, so Shell put on a $39 returned check fee, a $30 "late fee" and $2.40 in interest.

We contacted Shell and asked about what happened - and were told there was no way they could tell why the check was bounced that we'd have to contact our bank.

After discussing this with several people in the credit card customer service - I asked for a supervisor, and found that this was a lie. Shell routinely scans checks and then sends the scan electronically to the bank for payment, destroying the check after processing.

In this case - apparently they got confused - and "Chet" the supervisor was able to pull up the scan - to see it was only half a check. No wonder our bank (correctly) rejected the payment. It's apparent this screwup happened at Shell since they continued processing the payment hoping to cover their butts instead of simply contacting us and asking for another check.

Chet claimed someone had written on the half-check in addition to the normal figures that would be filled in. I believe that was also done by Shell's processing department.

Apparently Shell's processing department managed to destroy a legitimate payment, made on time, in a manner that should be acceptable to them, and then after destroying the payment, charged us for fees that should have been only charged to a bad account.

This is after 38 YEARS of flawless payment to this company.

I used to think Shell Oil was a decent company to do business with - I now know otherwise. Apparently employees of the company can screw up and blame customers for their mistakes - costing loyal customers money and aggravation.

I don't need to do business with a company that treats customers in this manner and have requested that my account be closed. If you have Shell Oil credit - I'd suggest you do the same. Shells loss will be Exxon-Mobil's gain.


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f8ea2b2f, 2009-11-10, 12:48PM CST

I had a similar experience after being a Shell customer for 20 years. They lost my payment and blamed the postal service. They had "suspended" my account (it had never been late). I received a form letter to "help me avoid an embarrassing situation." I was told that I would have gotten the same letter if I 'had been their customer since 1930." I closed my account and will never purchase anything from Shell again.

8736de33, 2009-11-19, 03:04PM CST

I'm the original poster. I sent two printed letters.. one to the President of Shell Oil in Houston TX, the other to the CEO of Shell Oil (International?) in the Netherlands.

After about 6 weeks I finally received an answer. Shell had reversed all the excess fee charges they had made, and closed my account as I asked them to. They also sent a $25 Shell gift card.

It sometimes pays to use an actual mailed letter rather than an Email, or phone call, and also to note on the letter that someone besides the addressee is going to receive a copy (both had CC's to each other.)

I'm less upset with Shell Oil at this time, and may continue using their products - but not with their credit card. I'll use a debit card.

b868071b, 2009-11-27, 02:29PM CST

We have had a Shell credit card, issued in my wife's name, for over 30 years. Payment was made monthly in full from our automatic payment plan through our bank. Never a late payment and always paid in full.

Last month after using the card several times, I found that the gas station wouldn't accept the card. The phone respondent, that's another story, said the credit rating company had declined our credit and the reason would arrive in the mail.

Three weeks later, a form arrived saying my wife's credit was below an allowed level so no credit card but we could subscribe to the credit company's services for $120 yearly to protect out credit rating.

I noticed the Shell credit card we had was issued through Citibank, a well-known credit risk on life support from the U.S. Government. My question is why Shell would insult a reliable, long-time customer by revoking, at an embarrassing situation, its credit card services through an agent on life support from the taxpayer because of its financial screwups.

As a further insult, Shell has just sent a "Shell bucks" debit card to replace the credit card so mystically revoked. I am afraid the company will not accept my suggestion on what they can do with that card. In fact, Citibank just cemented my resolve to never do business with it and to encourage my elected representatives to not consider further financial bailouts.

c4b17f1a, 2009-12-24, 11:18PM CST

Well I was going to tell you to fight for reversal of fees.. I would think that they would reverse it a they did.

OR go to the top a you did.

This ONE employee. or TWO.. should not be responsible for a WHOLE company..

For example,

COMCAST has so many liars I myself am typing to the V.P and CEO and am DEVASTATED at their charging me on a supposed CLOSEWD account???

I am LIVID and for the PRINICIPLE will accept bad credit to them and NEVER pay almost 200 dollars I DO NOT Owe..


I pray you are Christians so go into your Hearts either way..

and say What would Jesus do??

Be NICE to all.

BLAME no one

We ALL make mistakes and hopefully it took YOU for Shell to be awaRE OF AN EMPLOYEE SCAMMING INSTEAD OF being honest!!YOU HELPED SHELL FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THEIR COMPANY!!

The CEO was pleasant as he should have been.

No need to Cancel, on the contrary, ONE mistake in 38 years is a BLESSING!!

I hope you see it more positive than as NEGATIVE a you have??

HONESTY!! Something it seems AMERICANS have a major problem doing and being!! Hahha!!


8fdf273d, 2010-06-08, 05:25PM CDT

I hope you know the same bank that funds your Shell gas card ALSO FUNDS the exxon mobil card. So bascially (from the credit card aspect) you will be dealing with the same customer service people. And you may have to talk to "chet" about your exxon mobil account.

c04640c3, 2010-10-14, 01:05PM CDT

I have also bad experience with shell credit card. The statement was arriving late and left me no time for payment, etc. They always claim it's postal problem, they are "doing" their job to collect money, sending out statement is "just an courtesy". I received all my other bill "ON TIME". So clearly it's not postal problem. They blame and point the fingers at others but not willing to look and check if their system is function correctly. Unfortunately, I am not going to use shell anymore.

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