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Posted on Tuesday, October 6th, 2009 at 1:38pm CDT by a0759086

Product: Aireconditionado

Company: Samsung centro de servicios

Samsung Mexico, MX


Category: Other


I bought a Samsung Airco. With it came a discount for the intsallation. To be able to connect the airco we had to convert (leagally) 110v to 220v also we had to revice the roof. Now we called Samsung for the installation service. They will not help us because they say we took too long. They told us that if we had called a few days earlier everything would have been fine. Also they won't send a Samsung installer eventhough we would pay for the installation completely. We received nothing but waiting lines, people who were so arrogant that they told us to find an installer ourselves but that we would run the risc of losing our guarentee.

I wrote to the website in Mexico, in the USA and to their main office.

It appears like they just want to save money and don't care at all about customer satisfaction. I would advice everyone to buy a different make like LG for example.

Kind regards,

drs. J.J. Termeer


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