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Posted on Tuesday, October 6th, 2009 at 3:20pm CDT by c9a49bfe

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Express scripts last feb 09 transferred my prescription's account to Medco. That should not have been done as my Ins. was with express scripts for medicine. they transferred the account two times that they told me about. I was to reorder my medicine after Aug 4 2009

Since August I have sent many E-mails and called many times. They keep telling me they fixed it yes they can see I need the medication. Aug 17th my bank showed the charge for the medication so I thought at last it is on it's way. It did not come I checked my bank and the charge was reversed. the medication not sent and back to can not get it until Nov, back to e mail and calls to get my medication. Since they showed the shipment aug 17 I was not able to get the medications at my local pharmacy either that left me with out. They did not go back to their computer and show it did not ship Express scripts had in their computer and data base they sent the medication aug 17 and I could not refill it until November. The Dr sent them to my local pharmacy and they wouldn't fill it either as the data base showed I could refill in Nov. That meant three months with out medication. My Dr. contacted them several times and the Insurance company also called them and we had a three way conversation in sept and I was assured they would send it over night at their expense. it did not happen. That is a serious health issue. Thank God they were not life threatening medications. The last time it was to ship was oct 5th. I checked on line it has not shipped and back to square one it says there is no order. I also had to have my Dr. call in the medications on several occasions. I got the run around since the beginning of August. He also called in a new prescription and they would not fill it either until Nov although it was never ordered from them.

If they could mess up the account seems to me they could have fixed it in their computer.

I am putting this complain on line. I am sending by mail a complaint to the Insurance people that over see the pharmacy complaints for my state. You can google that for any type of ins.

It was bad enough I could not get them to send it but kept me from getting it at a local pharmacy. Thanks to my Ins. company and the three way call and being with out my medication I did finally get my meds at a local pharmacy. I am thinking very seriously about getting an attorney. Then maybe they will fix their errors in a timely manner and get the medications to customers on time.

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c9a49bfe, 2009-10-07, 08:33PM CDT

I wrote the above and am commenting on what happened today. 10-07-09 I went to the local pharmacy where I did finally get a 30 day supply of medication to remew them as I am about out. Guess what they won't renew them again even though I have refills from my Dr. because again their data base has express scripts saying I got them and can't get them again until Nov 09. I will be with out medication again this month thanks to them messing up the account. I sent a complaint to the nevada state board of pharmacy and now am going to seek an attorney. I take pain medication daily and am still in bad pain. This one I always get at the local pharmacy. I would be in bed if I had to get it from express scripts as I wouldn't be able to get it.

up date

Oct 15 th I finally got my medication. They did send it fed x over night. this has been a night mare. they sent an e mail apologising but that did not help me when I had no medication to take.

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