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Posted on Monday, October 5th, 2009 at 10:21pm CDT by fe3c0506

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I do not believe the way we the people have allowed State Laws to prevent people with twenty year old B & C felonies (nonvolient crimes)from employment in America. But allow people from other countries to come to America and gain employment even if they have felonies in their country. Justice my I!

Now if you have bad credit; some places will not hire you. What the hell is this? If you prevent a man from legally earning a living through employment. You are denying a man his rights. This do not prevent crime! It helps create crime. People of all ages that appear to have money, lives are in greater danger,and will get worse as time pass. This is a issue that need to be address Nation Wide. The State Govenment of the U.S.A is forming forces of terrorism in our own country by dening the American people jobs after serving time for nonviolent crimes. This must end now!! They are causing american people to side with other countries against America. America will not stand very much longer like this. This comment need to be seriously posted on every Website,news stations,and billboard nationwide. This law needs to be revised!


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