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Posted on Monday, October 5th, 2009 at 1:35pm CDT by 5b913dbe

Product: Flight Ticket

Company: Orbitz

Location: Orbitz Worldwide, Inc. 500 W. Madison Chicago, Illinois 60661 U.S.A.
Chicago, Il, 60661, US

URL: http://corp.orbitz.com

Category: Other

I got my tickets booked with Orbitz on 08/26/09 for IAD-ORD-FRA-DEL, DEL-JFK-IAD on an Air India carrier. Ticket cost was $1362.19. I found out on 10/02/09 that Orbitz is offering tickets for the same dates in less than $600 for the same origin and destination on British Airways. I called up Orbitz customer Service to check if I can cancel my Air India flight and book a BA flight. She confirmed that I can do that with $200 cancellation fee. I canceled the Air India tickets and booked the BA ticket. I received an itinerary email from Orbitz which said that my seat is confirmed. I logged into BA website and I could see my seat allocation. Then after an hour, I received an email from Orbitz saying that reservation hasn't gone through yet, and then I received another email from Orbitz saying that 'due to limited availability' the ticket has not be confirmed. That is a complete lie since I could see the seat allocation in BA website. Anyways, I called up Orbitz to express my discontent with the whole thing, they admitted that it was a mistake from BA and wrong fares were loaded in their system because of which over 3500 customers were affected and BA has canceled the affected flights, which is again inconsistent with the previous mail. I asked them , in that case Orbitz should be liable for any losses incurred to the customers. Orbitz then claimed, it wasn't their mistake since the price load was done by BA. They also said that they are not responsible for invalid fares put on their site. When I called up BA, they did not talk to me saying that it was Orbitz's mistake. So I called up Orbitz again but they didn't really help me. I had to rebook the same Air India ticket which cost me $800 more. Orbitz ended up making money by re-booking the tickets. The only one who who came out as a looser was me. The most annoying thing is that they (Orbitz and BA) know about their mistakes, yet they gave me mis-information, dishonest service and exploited me by charging extra.

The following websites have reported the BA fraud. It also has number of customers who went through the issue.

-> http://www.elliott.org/blog/sorry-those-40-fares-on-british-airways-werent-for-real/comment-page-1/#comment-25016

-> http://forums.slickdeals.net/showthread.php?p=23482419#post23482419

I have a lot of email trails that clearly indicate that Orbitz and BA are covering up a mistake for which I went through a lot of mental stress and a loss of $800.


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