Samsung - Samsung TV Nightmares

Posted on Sunday, October 4th, 2009 at 1:26pm CDT by 94a93703

Product: 50 TV

Company: Samsung

Location: US


Category: Other

When purchasing this TV for $2000 we were never advised that we would have to invest $600 each year we want to enjoy it. So every 3-4 months we have to buy another lamp for $200 with shipping or a colorwheel $200 with shipping in order to watch the TV we purchased. Not only do we have to replace these items to use the TV but we also have to wait for all the backorders to be filled before we can have our TV fixed.

Last time we had to wait a month before finding out we need to wait another 2 weeks before getting the part. Time runs out on any warranty when you wait for parts and not able to use the product. When going to the official Samsung parts place online the operator will tell you the part is available for me to order but they can not tell me if it is in stock. Going online it is clear this TV is a hassle and almost all consumers who have purchased it has had the same frustrating problems. I have a small TV, it has to be 25 years old still works great, no problems other then its size)It does not have the updated things offered now. but it also doesn't have the problems, disappointments, issues, fees, drama the large ones sell you without notice. Samsung products made today are not meant to last, not meant for return consumers. It is for a one sale customer never to return happy. I will NEVER EVER buy another Samsung product, nor will my children, I would even go so far as leave it in my last words for the entire family line to boycott this company and any kind of products they make. Frustrate the middle class, make them pay because it just doesn't make a difference anyway. Lets face it the company presidents, VP and CEO's are living comfortable, all getting their bonus and pay raises so if they need a large TV that works to watch they will just get it for free from the company without a waiting period


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