AAA discount movers Cypress TX - Moving Scam

Posted on Saturday, October 31st, 2009 at 9:43pm CDT by 358cfaa4

Product: Moving company

Company: AAA discount movers Cypress TX

Location: 12303 N Elridge Pkwy Cypress TX 77429
Cypress, TX, 77429, US

Category: Other

AAA Discount Movers Cypress TX They make you sign some papers, but please read the fine prints before signing anything. I was too trusting and gave them the benefit of the doubt. A $100 quote cost me $1000. When it was time to unload, they wanted their money upfront before unloading and demanded $1000.

I argued with them, because I thought I signed an agreement to pay $100.

They took out the papers that I had signed earlier. I was about to die. I didn't have the cash to pay them. I couldn't do anything because the agreement was binding. They refused to provide identification so I can use for future references. As a result, I forked over $1000 . I was robbed! These guys are crooks! They drive a white truck, kind of like a u-haul with no company logo on the car. There are 4 men. Most movers have their logo on the truck. I should have known! Anyone looking for movers, please do not go on Craigslist. They're theives. I 've learn a very hard and painful lesson.


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