Earthlink - As an ISP, a worthless, complicating layer

Posted on Friday, October 30th, 2009 at 3:24pm CDT by 9dc96438

Product: Cable internet

Company: Earthlink

Location: US

Category: Other

What a mess. First of all, they don't actually provide your internet service- they use your local cable company (Comcast in my case), and they just give you an email address, which you can get for free anywhere. If they were up-front about this, I don't know why anyone would bother with them.

The first offense was the salesperson lied to me about this. I specifically wanted to avoid Comcast and the guy said "they only do the installation" (I have this saved on a chat). Total lie, your bill comes from Comcast, everything is Comcast.

Then, Comcast never billed me the promotional rate correctly and threatened me with shutoff over it. I called Comcast and they said they couldn't fix it, they had to hear from EL.

I have called EL 4 times so far to get that corrected. The first time, they tried to tell me to call Comcast, when I had just gotten off the phone from Comcast telling me to call them. They always say they will fix it with Comcast and Comcast always bills me the same, incorrect amount. Once I was put on hold for an hour.

I had the service shut off via calling EL, then called Comcast a few days later to make sure they knew, and of course, they didn't.

As a previous person said, the support people do not speak intelligible English, and the people on chat don't seem to be able to do anything- they just tell you to call when it gets the slightest bit complicated.

Much wasted time and a wasted $50.00 install fee.


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