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Posted on Saturday, October 3rd, 2009 at 11:00am CDT by 5c1dc4f9

Product: Beautyrest Classic Regina Queen Mattress and foundation

Company: Simmons Bedding Company

Location: 1900 Beaver Ridge Circle

Category: Furniture

I called Simmons Company and explained that the mattress and foundation were making noise so loud that my husband (who is ill) and I could not sleep. We are both older. I was sent the paperwork to complete but was asked to send pictures. I don't have a camera and sent back the paperwork as requested. I called back on September 1 to see what was going on and was told I would get a letter after processing my complaint. I received a letter on September 2 again requesting pictures. I explained I don't have a camera and noise cannot be photographed anyway. I sent that back and again waited until I received another letter on September 16 saying that they could not "evaluate my concerns" unless I submit the requested information. I sent back that letter again saying "I don't have a camera" but at this point I don't want anything from them and thought they were a good company. Apparently I was wrong and will never buy a Simmons product and will let everyone I know what happened with them.


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