Frys Electronics - What are Fry's component sales people thinking?

Posted on Thursday, October 29th, 2009 at 2:34am CDT by 75899a60

Product: Computer memory

Company: Frys Electronics

Location: Frys road
Concord, CA, US


Category: Other

Wanted a pair of 1GB 400 MHz DDR2, sales guy said no prob, punched it into the presales slip as Kingston. I'm buying it for a friend, very clearly said DDR2. Purchased it for $80 w/tx, which I thought was high. Took it home, it turned out he punched in DDR, not DDR2, which are not interchangeable. Raced back to store, got refunded, went back to same smiling SOB and told him AGAIN, I NEEDED 2 STICKS OF 1 GB DDR2.

This time he didn't even look it up, and just said they didn't have them. This means he KNEW they didn't have what I needed, and tried to sell me something similar, knowing all along they didn't carry what I needed. Thanks, Frys wise arse, I'll think twice about buying parts from your store again. Happy ending for my friend: had the right parts for less than $50.00 including tax and shipping. Installed a "loaner" 512MB I had laying around, this gets him out of virtual memory, and when the parts come in, it will be even faster with dual channel. Frys needs to train its employees not to send out customers with fake sales. It will ruin their reputation. If you don't carry a part, say so. Instead, they wasted an hour of my time, and $5 worth of gas.


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