General Electric - GE MONOGRAM Condensation = MOLD

Posted on Thursday, October 29th, 2009 at 12:26am CDT by 1c049a1f

Product: GE Monogram Refrigerator

Company: General Electric

Location: US

Category: Other

The built in GE Monogram fridge had a sweating problem which soaked into the drywall and made black mold grow. The damage is at 15,000K so far. GE wants to charge us another 3300.00 to replace the fridge that we paid 6500.00 for 10 years ago. Life expectancy for these appliances is 20 years. It didnt even meet its half life. You would think that a recall would have took place. how many other fridges have the same problem that owners dont know is going on because these fridges are not meant to be removed. Warn everyone- dont by GE!!!


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1c049a1f, 2010-01-23, 07:51PM CST

I am back for an update. The damage caused by GE's defective refrigerator cost $31,000.00 by the time my kitchen was made whole after the faulty frige filled the corner of my kitchen with black mold. Ge sent an adjuster here and they accept liability for the damage but want to cover only $9,800.00. After submitting the contractors bills I am waiting to hear what GE's 2nd offer will be. They also charged me $3,200.00 for a comparable replacement model.Needless to say I am very disappointed in the GE name. They do not stand behind their products. GE is aware of the problem with this model number but failed to warn myself and other consumers who have the same model destroying their homes. I believe CPSC has a law against the failure to warn. Why cant I get anyone to take me seriously?? GE should warn consumers when they become aware they have sold a badly manufactured product.How can they get away with this?? Apparently GE is more interested in profits then doing the right thing. See my YOUTUBE video under "GE BLACK MOLD". Please help me spread the word. Thank you.

6bbb4252, 2011-09-03, 07:40AM CDT

I pulled my my 42" monogram to clean the coils,the hardwoods under the unit were rotten to the point I could hardly remove it.All of the hardwood flooring, sub flooring, floor joist and drywall were badly damaged and do not know how bad it is under my cabinets. This unit was installed in August-2003.Owners with this refrigerator, BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeanne E., 2012-11-29, 02:17PM CST

We too have had a bad experience with our GE Monogram built in refrigerator and freezer. My husband is on his hands and knees once again with a hair dryer trying to melt the frozen back wall of the fridge. It freezes frequently causing the fridge to shut down and quit cooling. We've lost all the food in the fridge twice and in the freezer twice, as well, all at different times. We've had the repairman out several times but they've been unable to fix it. You don't want to look at the back wall of the frige either. It is all rusted out. They sold us a new grill for the back that supposedly won't rust (or it may be just a matter of time. We started having trouble with both machines pretty early on. We should have gone with the Sub-Zero! We paid $6,600.00 for the two of them and feel like we really took it in the shorts! Don't by GE! We bought in 2003 so we are stuck.

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