Directv - Directv Robbers and Thieves

Posted on Thursday, October 29th, 2009 at 7:53pm CDT by 8cb55d74

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On Aug. 10, 2009 I contacted Directv to disconnect my service and send a

final bill. I notifed them through my online account emailing costumer service.

We had decided to go with a different service that provided more and better

services for less money.

I was wondering where the bill was and why it was taking so long when

I received a phone call giving a recorded message that my account was

past due. I thought to myself this can't be right my account was to be

disconnected. This was followed by an email that stated that on Oct 21,

2009 my account was disconnected because it was past due. My bill close

to $200. I could log onto my online account pay my bill and have my service

restored. I didn't want my service retored, I wanted it stopped.

I contacted Directv to find out that I can't disconnect my service online.

I can contact costumer service, tech support, change packages, order

movies and pay my bill. To disconnect service I was told that I had to call.

They did recieve the email that I had sent stating that my account was to

be canceled. They also checked the reciever and found that it had not

been used since Aug 10, 2009. The service rep. could not help me with

a billing problem. She instructed me to go to my online account and email

a dispute to billing. Another thing I can do online with email.

I also asked why they would let an account go so long that it became past

due before they contacted anyone. I was told that accounts in good standing

can take two months or more before they can become past due and be

disconnected. My reply was "So since my account has been in good

standing, I get screwed. Since I'm being bill for something I didn't want

or use." The service rep. told me, "I wouldn't exactly say it that way".

I was also told that, "canceling your account is a very serious matter,

what if it wasn't me, or it was a mistake, there would be reconnection fees."

She asked me since I had been with Directv for 10 years why I changed

service. I told them the reason. Better service, more tv's (went from 1 to 4)

and all for less money. I was asked if I had asked about additional service

from Directv. I said no. To add tv's, local channels or other services

would add to a bill which was already high.

I informed them I'd be happy to pay the bill in full once it was corrected.

However I would not email, I would write.

The same day I talked to Directv (Oct 21, 2009) I received a box from Fed Ex

to send back my DVR. Inside the box was insturctions on how to do this.

The paper from Directv clearly stated that I had seven (7) days to return the

DVR or I would be charged for it.

We boxed it up, contacted Fed Ex and the box was picked up.

On Oct. 27, 2007 Directv deducted almost $400 for the cost of the DVR from

my bank account. This was only the 6th day.

Again I contacted Directv, the service rep can't help me, again. I demanded

the money be refunded to my account in full. I was told that when the DVR is

returned (to someplace in CA) my bank account would be credited.

The money they took out of my account was done so without my knowledge

or consent I discovered that they had taken the money when I checked

my bank account, which I do several times a week. They simply took it.

Directv User Beware they will rip you off.

For me almost a $400 rip off simply because I decided not to have Directv

and use another service.

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8aaff8f6, 2012-06-19, 06:39PM CDT

Of course, they are crooks! In my case - while I lived in another state - they put an unauthorized dish on my roof. When I asked to remove it, they told me that I have to pay for that. They did not help me to find out for whom they did it and who "authorized" it. It should have my signature since I am the home owner. They do not care and have no respect for the law in this country. They provide a lousy "service" and their prices are rip-off. I intent to change my service as well. I guess, I have to close my account first.

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