comcast - comcast another joke

Posted on Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 at 11:31pm CDT by dd2d5290

Product: cable

Company: comcast

Location: 1111 liars circle
mckeesport, pa, 15022, US


Category: Other

well i was watchin tv yes comcast. and i was watchng encore nad all of a sudden its qvc on the same ch it happened all night. then they moved channels without warning and now want you to pay more. well cartoon network is one which is very popular so they move it . the other is amc and this time of year its very popular with seasonal programing so they move. forcing you to pay more a month to see. what kind of scam is this . i mean i know things change but no warning and 2 popular shows. cablesis high enough . so i am pettitioning people to try other services. id like them to go bankrupt. i am v endictrive person when done wrong. so i wisk alot of bad things on them.its time that the people take back the country from big business. they rule the world well people need to stand up and say im done. well i know im ranting but i am upset i feel cheated and if it wasnt for school use i drop comcast now i cannot get ohter highspeed internet in area but when fios is in i hope comsat goes under thanks for listening


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