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Posted on Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 at 12:08pm CDT by 955db495

Product: Unworn Shoes

Company: Rack Room Shoes

Location: 1601 Willow Lawn Dr.
Richmond, VA, 23230, US

URL: http://www.rackroomshoes.com/

Category: Other

I purchased two pairs of shoes at Rack Room Shoes last week and upon getting them home realized that one pair didn't really fit me right. The following week I attempted to return those shoes and the other ones I baught, which I baught for my sister and she didn't like them.

Upon return to the store that snide and cocky sales "broad" looked at the sneakers my sister asked me to return, looked at me and said "I ain't takin these back, they've got worn outside" I said oh ok I didn't realize she had worn them I'm sorry. As the ghetto attitude increased from across the counter I felt embarassed and ashamed as if I had done something wrong or was trying to get away with something which was definitely not the case.

As this attitude ridden snide chick looked at the second pair of shoes which had never left my possession and only had been worn in the confines of my apartment for thirty seconds she looked at me and said "nope aint taken these either" I stopped her and said now wait, I know for a fact that these were never worn outside, the thatching is still on the tip of the heel which always wears out in 30 seconds or less and the souls have not been touched. "there's scratches all over them" she said. WHAT?! There are no scratches that is a hair, which I promptly pulled off (which probably came from her nappy head). She proceeds to say "I'll check wit my manager" I said that would be lovely thank you.

She disappears, no manager ever appears. She reappears and says "she said no" I said this is rediculous I want your corporate number and your dm's number right now. She gave me a corporate number to a Jon someone in home office somewhere and I proceeded to leave a voicemail explaining the above situation. Clearly I have not received a call back. I then wrote a letter online to customer service explaining the above situation and if they had any courtesy they could at least return my call.

I've worked in retail for 10 years for three different well respected companies I know people suck, I know customers suck, I know that everyone wants something for nothing, I also know it is my job to make sure everyone leaves happy. Well I'm not happy, I never ever complain but this is out of line.

I guess Rack Room Shoes Doesn't need my business or anyone else's and I believe they train their employees not to take back any shoes no matter what, guess that's how they are surviving this economic disaster instead of actually giving good customer service.


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