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Posted on Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 at 6:21pm CDT by 87e450c8

Product: Fitness membership

Company: LA Fitness

Location: Casa Grande, AZ, 85122, US


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Originally posted on 7/15/09 with another complaint board:

My hubby and I were thrilled when LA Fitness opened last August. All the other health clubs in our smallish town are about the size of our living room, so we were very excited to have a big, new gym in town. We were so looking forward to it that we joined in April, well before the club even opened.

The first couple of months went fine. But then things started going downhill.

Now, only 11 months after opening this brand new location, the machines and locker rooms are filthy. I used to get sick once a year. Since I've joined this gym, I'm getting sick every 2-3 months, and that's the only thing that's changed in my daily routine so I know it's because of the uncleanliness of the machines. And I take a TON of vitamins every day to help boost my immunity. I talked to someone who works there, and he won't even work out there because it's so dirty. He works at LA Fitness but has a membership for a different gym. I think that says it all!

The AC has been out of order several times. And, yes, we are in the desert, and it is summer, so you can imagine how great that feels. When I complained to the VP about it, he said it was good that it was out of order because that means it's working properly to filter dust out of the air. Gee, I've never heard the saying, "It's broken, so that means it's working!" What a moron.

The hot tub has been broken more times than I can count. The pool's been drained a few times. Free weights are hardly never re-racked in the proper places. There's an assisted pull-up machine that has been out of order for over a month. The dress code isn't enforced-I've even seen people in bare feet on the treadmill. The staff hasn't even gotten around to untying the palm tree fronds out front even though they've had 11 months.

And let's not forget their "customer appreciation days", which consist of handing out unhealthy food, such as Papa John's pizza, a DJ who blasts music like you're at a nightclub, and companies who are allowed to set up tables to try to sell you stuff. After a long day at work, these are the last things I need.

My hubby and I tried complaining to the manager, but it did no good. Nor did it do any good talking to Corporate. Therefore, I will vote with my wallet. While I don't want to join a teeny tiny gym, it's better than continuing to work out at LA Fitness, getting sick and frustrated all the time.

I have also heard that the staff does drugs in the parking lot, and they get promoted when they do bad things. For example, some sales guys set up their canopy outside a competitor's door to try to steal their business. When the manager ran them off, one of them threatened her with "you have no idea what I'm capable of." She went to LA Fitness to tell the manager, and then she found out the guy got promoted the next day.

I'm taking my business elsewhere!

Note: To cancel your membership, make sure you print the form from their website and then send it in via certified mail. My hubby and I both cancelled our memberships this way and had no problems.


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4e87195c, 2010-05-10, 11:57AM CDT

All this stuff is so true...the staff is rude, it seems like it being run by a bunch of kids. They need a responsible adult manager. The trainers are terrible. At one point last week, there were 6 treadmills that have been out of order for over 3 weeks. I got on one they just fixed, and it was skipping and I almost fell off. I have only seen them cleaning this gym on a few occasions. Don't even try to bring a guest or family member by the way, they will slap you with a daily fee of 15. This could be one of the worst LA Fitness in the country.

Unanymous, 2010-05-10, 07:07PM CDT

This is so right on its not even funny. However, it is difficult to take your business elsewhere where there is really only one other gym (Fitness and Racquet) Having been a member of this gym for multiple years, I can tell you, it is only worse. The manager here is a crook. I do understand your frustrations, I feel your pain everyday.

A few other things to mentions:

Majority of trainers are terrible

Staff is rude

Club needs ADULT management

Gym never cleaned

Multiple treadmills broken for several weeks

Just to name a few things.

I have a solution: Find a responsible, educated, experienced, adult manager to run this place. They could resolve these issues and have a successful gym.

They need to tighten the place up, including the employees and sales staff.

3ee4a2bd, 2010-05-10, 03:02PM CDT

"And let's not forget their "customer appreciation days", which consist of handing out unhealthy food, such as Papa John's pizza, a DJ who blasts music like you're at a nightclub, and companies who are allowed to set up tables to try to sell you stuff. After a long day at work, these are the last things I need."

SO TRUE!!!..and let's not forget the 'no-bag' policy that just came up two months ago. As of 05-06-10, there were 4 treadmills out of order that have been that way for over a week.

300c25f7, 2011-09-04, 07:03PM CDT

While the building is aesthetically appealing, the sales people and some of the front desk staff (when present) tend toward abject insolence. The fitness trainers are discourteous and possibly the worst offenders when it comes to re-racking weights, wiping down the machines and staying the hell out of the way.

Additionally, the facility is acquiring a ghetto like mien replete with thugs, bullying and general meandering by unkempt individuals whose business lies outside of physical conditioning. The facility is quickly losing what little atmosphere of healthful invigoration and energy it once possessed, and for pitys sake exorcise the distracting and whiney bongo party music, there are adults present.

24f96be7, 2011-09-14, 06:18PM CDT

Totally agree! This gym is always dirty, machines are always down waiting for service. Always new manangement you never know who is the manager of the club. Fitness instructors are never there for their scheduled classes, but Michelle Johnson seems to have all the class, hmmmmm. You really don't get your money's worth with LA Fitness in Casa Grande. This club is worse than the little living room club in CG.

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