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Posted on Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 at 5:16pm CDT by 1fae8971

Product: Diamond Ring

Company: Goldsmith Jewelers - David Ebanks

Location: 14A Cayside Gallery Harbour Drive Georgetown, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Georgetown, Grand Cayman, Ca, KY1-1301, KY


Category: Other

Tried contacting the owner David Ebanks since August with no avail or no return calls. I repeatedly left emails for him and was told he was off the Island. He never returned by calls. All emails were directed to their emails as listed on the website and Affordable_Shutters. Roshella Martin or Renae represented herself as a Manager...(emails as evidence). She gave me the owners phone number and advised me she spoke to David. Purchased a ring valued at $7250 (45%off-$4K)...brought to US in which certified gemologist appraised ring at $2800. Misled to believe ring was 1.75 carats and is only 1 carat (I have Cayman paper stating the value and size). Tried to resolve and been getting the run around since Aug 2009. Here is what I was told after I was advised I would be reimbursed for the difference if I provided a certified appraisal. "I would like to apologize profusely for not being able to reply to your email. David has been and is still off island and I was just informed on what has been going on. First, I would like to state that we are not in the business to deceive our customers.. I am sorry to hear that the piece was appraised at such a low price by your jeweler, but let me interject by saying and to please bear in mind is that we have to pay custom duties whenever we import anything to our island. Also, the piece you purchased was a customed made art piece that took time to create by our jeweller who also has to be paid. Our jewelry is a work of art and we strive for perfection, sometimes that comes at a price, but it's art and that is what your paying for something that is unique. Our prices has to coincide with the amount of labour, duties & material we use to manufacture the piece, so again I am sorry for how you feel, but however we placed a fair price on our jewelry considering what we pay in duties.Regards,Yolanda Ebanks". ..... This does not change the fact that I did not get a 1.75 Carat ring.................

I am only asking that they take the ring back for full reimbursement or reimburse me the difference for what I paid for it as I was told in previous communication.


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935d13c1, 2009-10-28, 09:19PM CDT

It's sad to see that you had to resort to such malicousness, but the fact remains that you didn't speak to any of the managers, if you had we wouldn't be going through any of this. Like I stated earlier Renee is only a Sales Associate and you choose to deal directly with her corresponding through her personal email rather than dealing directly with the owners. We were completely blindsided as we didn't know what was going on until we received your latest email and then and only then was I informed on what was happening that's why I contacted you and apologized, as I was in the dark about this situation until now. Despite how you may feel we are HONEST business people who strive for customer excellence and have been doing so for many years.


Yolanda Ebanks


1fae8971, 2009-10-30, 08:16AM CDT

I sent all my correspondence to your websites and Renae who signed her name as a Manager (I have the emails) responded to my email. I repeatedly try to make phone contact with David Ebanks, with no response.

1fae8971, 2009-10-30, 08:21AM CDT

What Goldsmiths did to me was deceitful and malicious.....I repeatedly tried to make contact with the owner David return calls. Renae represented herself as a Manager and I have the emails with her signature followed by the title of Manager. Morritts Tortuga has contacted David Ebanks to help me with no responses. I have received emails and phone calls from several females, but never from any David Ebanks. I have got the run around since I originally tried to make contact with the owner since August 09 with no avail. I am a dissatisfied customer and expressing my concerns for others thay may be scammed.

ce2f6a92, 2010-08-12, 08:32PM CDT

It appears that David Ebanks/Affordable Shutters has a history of ripping people off, no matter what services he is contracted to supply. I paid for shutters to be installed on my home in April 2010 - it is now August - and I still have no shutters and no clear answer as to when I will get my money back. I call, leave messages and am only told the same, David is off island, nothing can be done without him, next week - yet here I am, frustrated with still no shutters in the middle of hurricane season. Buyer Beware - Affordable Shutters and any other business associated with David Ebanks will rep you off.

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