Work Out World - WOW stealing money with hidden fees

Posted on Monday, October 26th, 2009 at 6:03pm CDT by 5e616726

Product: membership

Company: Work Out World

Location: Nashua, NH, US

Category: Other

I was a work out member for a long time the first scam is when you change your card information and you do not change it at the Gym ABC financial charge $20 fee, and as they can`t take money out of the account they keep on trying, I had to pay 120 dollars within a week in fees, The other scam happened in August 2009, I enrolled 5 members of my family in my account for the awesome 9.99 a month plan, the agreement with the WOW representative was that we had to pay $70 for each member $50 enrollment fee and $20 first and last month, and they told us we would have to pay 9.99 a month, since they explain everything to us they asked us to sign the contract for a year so we did, The first fiasco happened 1 month after the agreement they charged me and extra $49.99 for no reason, when I called ABC financial, their history report stated that I had insufficient funds which was not truth but I lost my statement and the bank couldn't give me any info from 2 months back, I did not do anything but I made sure I had enough money every month to cover the $70 dollars a month I had to pay for me and my family, when I checked my account on October 16 2009, i had $100 dollars enough for the month, but when I checked my account the 26th I was -356 NEGATIVE, I when to the bank they told me there was nothing they could do other than changing my card information, and since I had a contract with them I would have to talk to them, so I did go to the WOW gym to talk to the supervisor, and they told me that when we signed the contract we agreed to pay $39.99 lock fee after 3 months of membership to locked the $9.99 dollars a month for each member, I TOLD THEM, " THEY NEVER TOLD US ABOUT THAT CHARGE AND BEFORE WE SIGNED THE CONTRACT THEY WENT OVER THE CONTRACT WITH US " telling us that what we were signing in the agreement was just one year contract, the 2 payments for 9.99 1st and last month and the $50 dollar membership fee. this means after 3 month I had to pay 249.95 Lock fee for 5 members and 175 to the bank for overdraft charges, everything is a total of $424.95 dollars,

This is so unfair because not only I was a victim of a fraud my family had to pay 100 each if they want to cancel the membership or they going to keep charging every month and since I change me card info they are going to charge a $20 dollars extra fee. either way they are going to ruin my credit and what about a year It even would be possible to have a $50.000 dollar debt charging 20s every time they can't take a payment.

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0731d342, 2010-03-11, 09:21AM CST

Put a note in your credit agency explaining this.You are allowed to do this.It will not ruin your credit.

they are crooks, and should be looked into. Open a checking account with a debit card just for the gym. If they put in illegal charges close the account.

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