Posted on Monday, October 26th, 2009 at 8:44pm CDT by Aggie P.

Product: jewelry and gemstones

Company: Jewelry television

Location: 190 Hayfield Road
Knoxville, TN, 37922, US


Category: Other

Have had many problems with JTV. I stopped buying from them awhile back. I kept using their auction site and have had so many problems. Everytime I win a decent item at a very good price, something goes wrong. Your bank rejected payment, which is a lie, the money was there and the bank said they did not rejected anything. I always have way more in my bank acct. than the item won! After they figured they can't use that excuse, the third time it happened, they told me they oversold the item! huh? It was up for bid! Now I just found out after 12 days that the 3ct. ruby I won fair and square at auction was cancelled by them. I just called and was told the item was to damaged to send out! What A bunch of BS, did it take 12 days to see that this item was damage..I was told that instead of sending out this damaged item, they cancelled my order. The picute look good. When I ordered from them, they were always sending out broken jewelry, watches with dead batteries, now all of a sudden someone noticed some damage. RIGHT. I know that they were not about to release a 3ct ruby for $26.00 plus 6.99 s/h. I TELL ALL OF YOU DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS AUCTION, THEY ONLY SEND OUT THE CHEAP STUFF. Like a lemon quartz I won just the day before, it was here in no time flat. If you are going to bid on jewelry and gemstones, make sure you avoid JTV. You will be wasting your time!!


3adb5b22, 2009-11-08, 10:58AM CST

Someone sent me an e-mail from this company wanting me to get in contact with them. Yea, sure. I have been down that road many, many times. They do nothing. Just lie, cheat, steal, etc. anything to get your money. Please do not contact me. I am telling all I know about JTV on any site I can find. DO NOT SHOP THERE, YOU WILL BE SORRY..............

e5e0dbe7, 2010-02-06, 09:21PM CST

Why do you use their auctions? They have a web site and all kinds of gemstones are there at set prices. I have been buying from them since 2001 and have purchased many exotic stones at fair prices. I never go to the auction because 1. I don't have the patience to wait for what I want, and 2. I don't know how to use it. I find the prices online to be good enough for my use. Please, don't give up on them yet if you really like gemstones, try their web site. If you don't like something for any reason, you have 30 days to return it. They refund to your credit card relatively quickly (because I have returned many things -- but have also kept many more). Good luck.

Samme Cotton

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