Paris De Gaulle Internation Airport - Force and humiliation in Paris Airport

Posted on Sunday, October 25th, 2009 at 10:48am CDT by 56082697

Product: Aeroports de Paris

Company: Paris De Gaulle Internation Airport

Location: Paris, FR


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To whom it may concern,

On 23rd of October at 17:40 PM, for my flight to Amsterdam (Gate 32), I had to pass through security check at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Currently, I'm 3 months pregnant. Even though companies claim that x-rays are safe, I don't think that exact health effects on the babies are known. Therefore, during security check, I???ve asked for a manual check. I fly very frequently, and in other airports this was perfectly normal, never had any refusals.

Last Friday, I have got FORCED by the security team to pass through the detector.

At first, I thought there was not lady security person available but once I passed the detector, I saw 2 ladies literally chatting at the back. Therefore, I wanted the explain that

I was very frustrated. However, the lady told me (excuse my French!) that- I do not give a damn about what you think; you can go back and not take the flight. Go back, go back BYE-. Therefore, on the top of not having any explanation, I have got humiliated.

It was a totally unpleasant experience for me. I started to shake and had cramps.

I dont think that you can treat any person this was, let alone any pregnant woman.

Thus, I have one request,

I would like the see a report stating that Paris de Gaulle metal detectors are safe by a third part study on pregnant woman. (Not from the Detector Company).

Also, I hope they better train their personnel and recruit more mature people who can actually have decent conversations with passengers.

Kind Regards,


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