Bob Plimpton AKA The Boaz Trust - Bob Plimpton AKA The Boaz Trust Debt Elimination Scheme Consumers Beware! North Palm Beach, Florida

Posted on Saturday, October 24th, 2009 at 2:00am CDT by 423447e0

Product: Bob Plimpton AKA The Boaz Trust Debt Elimination Scheme

Company: Bob Plimpton AKA The Boaz Trust

Location: 378 Northlake Blvd., Ste. 300
North Palm Beach, Fl, 33410, US


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Bob Plimpton's slogan "Freedom is Fun" should read "Ripping People Off is Fun". I emailed Bob Plimpton after finding his website online. I asked him about assistance with debt collections. He stated that he could help and that if he couldn't he would refund my money. He never did one single thing to assist me and will not refund my money. His reply when I asked for a refund was Have Fun. This scam also caused more problems with debt collections because he stated that he was working on this for me and that I should not respond to the debt collector. Bob Plimpton is the persona that works this scam but he hides behind a company that he claims protects him form litigation (The Boaz Trust) of 378 Northlake Blvd., Ste. 300 North Palm Beach, FLORIDA. Phone: 1-561-253-8828 If you want to see more about Bob Plimpton check out this out: 1. Andrew M Says: I am writing to report the current activities of one Joyce Earl Delancy Lambeth a.k.a J.E.D Lambeth who i just found out was prohibited from engaging in deceptive commercial practices offering fraudulent mortgage elimination services to residents of North Carolina in 2005 together with members of the Dorean Group This said individual has now spread his tentacles to defrauding victims from out of state of which my wife is now tragically a victim of through an anti-establishment group called Sovereigns Without Subjects ( conjunction with one Bob Plimpton( who sold mortgage elimination kits to my wife for over $500 . Falsely using bible scriptures to coarse their victims, my wife was drawn into all this in her bid to win custody of her kids from her ex-husband. She was taken advantage of due to her desperation to have her kids and her vulnerability at the time. In the process of pretending to help my wife get her kids back she was also sucked into participating in their fraudulent mortgage elimination schemes as well as other law breaking endeavors, in exchange of strings of fees they termed donations, that has my wife now sitting in jail convicted for the felonous crime of custodial intefference and has also lost her home in a trustee sale after this said individual convinced(brainwashed her) into stop paying her mortgage bills and also provided her with strings of fraudulent documents that got her convicted for custodial intefference and also documents that adviced her not to attend court that also has her facing charges for bailing jumping, also a felony in Montana. This is a woman who has not once in her lifetime been in trouble with the law; not even a traffic ticket. I am trying to expose the criminally fraudulent activities of this said individual and his group in order to hopefully somehow put a stop to their life destroying schemes. My wife has now lost not just time and money she dedicated into the activities of this said individual and his group but also her career(as a Montessory teacher), her house(which was sold for a fraction of what it was actually worth because this said individual and his group convinced her not to communicate with the bank and mortgage companies), her children(she has not been allowed to see them since these said individual and his group filed frivolous documents that made here keep them beyond the stipulated time with the false impression that theyre now permanently hers), her freedom (as she is now sitting in jail awaiting sentecing for custodial interferrence) as well as her reputation (as a well known and respected Montessori teacher in Livingston, Montana as she now is a convicted felon charged with a second felonious crime of bail jumping; all from the advice of these people). I hope somehow this people can be stopped before they destroy more homes and lives like they have just done to mine. Consumers Beware !!!!!


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ab93ce44, 2010-03-25, 12:40AM CDT

Bob Plimpton has passed away March 15, 2010

79fa51c7, 2011-04-18, 05:43PM CDT

i beg to differ, i sought assistance from mr. plimpton. my situation was to the critical point and i neglected to inform him of something i'd done previously which hindred his help. he immediately returned my money, 800.00 to be exact. bob plimpton understands things that most people refuse to acknowledge. live in ignorance if you want. mr. plimpton did right by me and i also see from the point of view of reality. study, study, study

fcf2836f, 2012-02-26, 10:41AM CST

He was not a scam... It's your dark hats that has been scamming you forever and it's obvious that you don't study about what's real. You live a lie like most everyone else in this country. The entire system is going to fail again, as it has in the past. I suggest you educate yourself, find the TRUTH yourself. Stop depending upon others to tell you. It is very real and one day soon, you will have to accept it and see it as the world is changing and as long as you are here, you too will experience the change that is coming.

As long as children have birth certificates, they too are commercial paper without disclosure to you. There seems to be much you need to learn. Although he has passed away, he was highly intelligent and knew what he was talking about. Remember the dark side has spent many years building a fortress to control us. It's not an easy task but education is imperative.

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