Nokia - NOKIA - 2.5 months still at the service!

Posted on Thursday, October 22nd, 2009 at 2:06pm CDT by 790310f0

Product: Nokia E71

Company: Nokia

Location: Finland and Turkey


Category: Other


i am living in istanbul turkey.

i hv a e71. i gave it to the nokia (kvk) service (aug 11th) because of a camera problem. i could take it back more than 30 days later, but have seen that the camera was still problematic!!! i had to leave it at the service the next day! isnt nokia testing the phones before giving itback to the customer??? finally nokia has accepted to change the phone with a new one, but it has been 2 weeks now!!!

i am not able to use my phone since 2.5 months now!

i am told by local nokia that they are waiting a new phone from abroad!!! there are so many phones at the stores, just take one back an give it to me, so simple to do, and make your customer happy!!!

this is absolutely a scandal! a real disaster and you are losing clients! i understand why nokia is declaring loses! i completely condamn this performance! i still wait for a new phone!

can you please contact nokia and do the necessary to clear this mess for good order sake!

phone imei no: 352924023416139


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