Garden Ridge - Gardge Ridge's - Customer no service

Posted on Thursday, October 22nd, 2009 at 2:20pm CDT by e343964a

Product: customer inquiry

Company: Garden Ridge

Location: la fontera shopping center
round rock, tx, 78660, US

Category: Other

Customer no service

Garden Ridge's practice of No incoming calls of any kind

Garden Ridge

la fontera shopping center

round rock, tx 78660


i tried to find out if they have shepherds staff's so i might hand some things in my front yard.

30 min of calling and you get, keep in mind this appears to be nation wide as i tried Arkansas too.

1] for directions

2] for return policy

3] for locations

4] for ??

5] for all others

and on pushing 5 you hear advertisements and then the system hangs up on you !!!!!! yes i said it 3 other location the same thing.

i tried finding corp. head quarters and it is just as rude and on some of the called no. you are given, as with the corp.-no, an email address or you might get to leave a message with loss prevention and who knows when theyll get back to you.


who do these people think they are ??

i live to far away to just drive and see if they might have anyt thing i want.

so i will take my business to Home Depot and Lowes for the rest of my life and GR, you can keep .... Being cruel to yourself in my absence.

.. wait tell i tell my friend and the blog...

lost customer

/ and loss of respect for Garden ridge


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