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Posted on Thursday, October 22nd, 2009 at 4:41pm CDT by e26b4701

Product: Directv

Company: Directv

Location: US


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About 6 months ago my husband and I decided to switch service from our local cable provider to Directv. In the past we have used their service and were very pleased with their product. This time around was not so positive of an experience. Soon after installation we started having problems with our service,(picture would go out on a clear sunny day, audio would go out, sometimes there was no picture but the audio would be in spanish....the list goes on). Month after month we would continue to experience problems, the service tech would come out (2 weeks after the problem occured) and would jiggle around some wires and say everything seems to be working just fine. Finally we had enough of this bakc and forth, and my husband then calls to have our service disconnected. The operator says "fine" since we have had nothing but problems and have consistantly reported them she would waive the huge fee for breaking our contract; however we would have to pay a $10 fee. Wow!!! To me that sounded great. I couldn't believe how easy that was we didn't have to get into a big argument or talk to the manager or anything. This was no big deal. HAHAHA Yeah righ!!!! 2 days later I see that Directv has automatically drafted $372.89 from my checking account!!! I called to inquire what that was all about and the operator says that it is a mistake and I will have my money refunded in 7 or 8 business days. So here I sit with approx. 14.00 in my account with a 2 year old that needs diapers, no milk in the fridge and an empty pantry, meanwhile Directv still has my money tied up in limbo somewhere. I am infuriated and cannot believe this. I will never again subscribe to any cable or satellite tv service provider, we are currently watching hd tv for free via old skool rabbit ears.


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