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Posted on Wednesday, October 21st, 2009 at 3:31pm CDT by f1b4311b

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In trying to resolve a charge on my canceled US Bank Card, I have been cut off TWICE in two days by their service representatives.

"Cheryl" called me first to alert me to past-due charges on my card. After a short conversation, she said notes on the account showed that it was canceled on July 25th -- two weeks before an "automated" wireless charge magically hit the account on August 7. I told her this was the first time I'd heard of any charges to the canceled account. I was disconnected when she was transferring me to customer service to work out the charge. I expected to hear back, but didn't.

So, I called a day later to try to work it out. I was transferred WITHOUT being disconnected to the collections department, because the customer service rep could not access my account. The collections rep denied that the account was canceled on July 25th, and that it was suspended 30 days ago for late payment. She said I had electronic billing (even though I had always received paper bills before) and I would have to log into the Website to see my account activity. But when I told her I couldn't log in with any of my known login/password combinations, she told me I couldn't log in since since the account was on hold! So I asked her for help to get access, and she couldn't. I asked to speak to her supervisor, and the disconnected me.

I can't get a direct answer from US Bank. Their website requires you to know your credit card number before you send them an email -- which I don't know because I canceled it three months ago! This is crazy stupid, and they're probably going to try to hit me with all sorts of penalties for being late for a charge I never authorized.


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