Samsung - Samsung - Bad Product and Service

Posted on Wednesday, October 21st, 2009 at 8:08pm CDT by b52d7a88

Product: LCD LNT5265

Company: Samsung

Location: US


Category: Other

We bought a lemon Samsung LCD TV Model# LNT5265 in June '07. Within a few months we experienced an issue with the TV not displaying the image. A local Samsung service rep came out and replaced a component. Several months later, the same issue came up. They once again replaced a different component. This happened once again a few months later when out of warranty and they then replaced the entire screen. The last time occured on 9/22/09. Their Executive Service Group offered to provide a store credit through Fry' We were told we should hear from Frys within 10-15 business days. When we did not hear anything, we called and asked for a direct replacement via Samsung. The rep said they could do that and offered a new LN52B750 but it would take another 10 to 15 business days. She also offered a refund but initially was not willing to include the tax. After insisting, we received an email that read... "I received a response from my supervisor with your request. I will go ahead and forward this refund for the 2,899.00 + 233.91 taxes = 3132.91 do you accept? We accepted only to receive an email saying "My supervisor just informed me the unit is pro-rated because the purchase date is 2007. So it actually will not be the full amount , Due to the unit being out of warranty with purchase date 2007. It is actually being depreciated 40%. Because it's depreciated 20% every year out of warranty. So actually including taxes it will be 1,723.10. However, I'm sure you would like to take this issue higher because there was a discrepancies with the taxes. So my supervisor nor me will be able to guarantee the original offer". We were told on 10/15 that we were being transfered to case mgt. It is now 10/21 and we have not heard anything and not getting any response to email inquiries.


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