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Posted on Wednesday, October 21st, 2009 at 7:56pm CDT by mark

Product: Hotel guest services slow to deliver a useless product

Company: Hotel Guest Services

Location: 24050 Madison St.

Category: Hotels

Very very pushy when it came to getting a check for their 'advertising.' Then...nothing until May of the next year.

The extortion like feeling kicks in when you HAVE to buy in to magazines to be referred by venues you've EARNED referrals from. Then the whole 'pay-to-play' BS becomes apparent, except:

They took 8 months to get to print!

Brides start planning in January.

You lose half the year buy delaying the printing. Then the books so late to be printed result in NOTHING. They don't come close to paying for themselves.

I'd have been better off dividing the cost by 20-30 brides and giving them a gift just for having a consultation.

Never again will I advertise with this magazine. Useless!

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e1aa86f6, 2010-11-23, 09:39AM CST

Agreed- my expensive ad was delayed indefinitely and then finally misprinted!!! How can a company that specializes in advertising print the wrong phone number after the correct proof has gotten approval? Then they lied to my face about compensating me for their screw up.

No wonder the Better Business Bureau gives them a "D" rating. Hotel Guest Services Inc. of Torrance, CA is a rotten company.

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