AT&T U-verse - AT&T U-verse botched installation wasted my day!

Posted on Wednesday, October 21st, 2009 at 11:10pm CDT by 021214bc

Product: AT&T U-verse U200 Triple Pack

Company: AT&T U-verse

Location: US


Category: Unsolicited Phone Calls

I do not understand the concept of scheduling an appointment and having backlogs. Why set an appointment when you know your technicians are backed up? I've read a number of posts here about people having the same experience as I did: taking the day off for nothing... and then they bombard you with alibis ranging from the distance of my home from the VRAD all the way to the technician's manager not knowing what to do at a certain point. Really? A manager not knowing what to do? How did he/she become a manager? Then again this may be due to the economy. Everything seem to be about the economy these days. Maybe they can't hire quality people so they hire the first person who sends them a resume.

My appointment was set for today, 10/21 between 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM. The technician called me at 10:00 AM to tell me that he was running late (obviously!) and that he will be at my location between 10:30 and 11:00 AM. Well, 11:00 AM came and went and no technician, no call. He finally showed up around noon and did a walkaround the place to see where my current connections are. After all that, he told me that he will go to the VRAD and make the connections there... might take anywhere between 30 and 45 minutes. After a while (around 1:00 PM), I was informed that the signals were not acceptable and that another technician will check the connections and do necessary improvements. I was also informed that instead of 2 HD signals, I would only be able to get 1. I was fine with that as I do all my TV viewing from the one HDTV I have anyway. 4 hours (yes, 4 hours!) went by and the first technician called and said they're still having problems with the quality of the signal because I am about 2,600 feet from the VRAD and at that point, signals start to deteriorate.

It was almost 5:00 PM and I had lost all hope that anything would be done at all today. He proceeded to tell me that I have the option to reschedule the install. I told him that I can not do this as my weekends are full and taking another work day off was not an option. But truthfully, I was thinking... if the signal quality is an issue, then why bother trying to install it at all? Wouldn't this open a can of worms about the quality of service I will be getting? Wouldn't this lead to my calling tech support all the time to try and resolve problems stemming from said weak signal? Wouldn't this mean that I will still be paying full price for half a service? And get this: when I essentially asked (hinted is more like it) if there is any possibility at all to finish the install today, the technician said he actually gets off at 4:30 PM. So basically, he made it sound like he was doing me a favor by waiting for other technicians and managers to finish their jobs (being 5:00 PM and all, he was clearly off the clock!).

I understand the whole they-won't-find-out-until-they-come-to-your-location alibi -- I understand that it is some rehearsed line that people from sales and tech support use if anything like this happens. They obviously have a system in place to check if your home is serviceable by their product... why not go an extra mile and make sure that this is true before making theatrics out of telling you of service availability when you check on-line (Congratulations! U-verse is available blah-blah!!!)? They know that at 2,600 feet, signal gets questionable so why even say my home is serviceable and get my hopes up? From the looks of things, I am not the only one who have had this experience so its not like I was the first case.

In an ideal world, AT&T would reimburse me for my lost day of work but who in this giant, money-sucking corporation would be in their right minds to do that? Something has to change.

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36ad442b, 2011-08-19, 02:12AM CDT

well, I can totally relate. we had already signed up with another web/tv service and the price wasn't bad at all, only $45 a month!

but then at&t sent us a letter saying we could get a phone/tv/internet for only $89 and I thought, oh, maybe that might be a good idea.

However, I had to wait at least 6 long weeks to get them to install this service and the manager said it might not work either!

I thought, wow, shoudl I even risk getting my other service turned off, but i did, cuz i didn't want to get hit with a $150 penalty, cuz they wouldn't turn off the service if it was 30 days past when it was started.

well, I was suposed to be served from 1-3, but the guy didn't arrive til 5 minutes til 3.. then came over and said he must do another check on another house first... after I waited almost 2 hours.. i had to wait another half hour and he came back, but it took 4 1/2 hours at least to get this all installed cuz he made some mistakes...

Then when he left two of the tv were running fine. when I got back to our home after about 40 minutes, the one int he living room was not, and I spent literally 2 hours on the phone even TRYING to get tech support to help me.

It kept saying Client Unprovisioned!

What the hell! What kind of "service" is this anyway? You wait 6 weeks to get this installed they take 5 hours nearly to install it, it works for only 45 minutes, you come home, the main TV in your living room isn't working at all, not tv signal at all, you try to call them at 10 pm when they claim it's open 24/7, and no one will answer you, and they insist you call back in the morning. Then you spend 3 hours on the internet, and they keep "transferring" you to another agent who "ends" the chat session, before he even fixes the thing.. Not to mention the tv that was working okay, starts to go off too when he "adjusts it"..

God almighty, I'm not sure I "really" want to keep AT&T for tv service!

and their customer service agents are liars and disrespectful too, I'm not paying to be treated like dirt anymore!

I've had enough.. They need to pay me back the $75 I missed out on missing work! then the 5 hours I spent on the phone, it's now 3 am in the morning and tv in our LR STILL does not work.

DO NOT order u-verse TV! It doesn't work right, the techs are not that experienced.. it's crap!

and we're not getting much stations I want either...

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