lulu spaniel rescue foundation - fake rescue and scam lawsuit

Posted on Tuesday, October 20th, 2009 at 3:23pm CDT by 45d2989f

Company: lulu spaniel rescue foundation

Location: 51 montebello rd suffern ny 10901
suffern, NY, 10901, US

URL: what a phony, she doesn't love anything but money/

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this complusive liar tried to sue me in court for slander, (she is so stupid she meant libel) and after postponing court six times, case dismissed. she didn't show again. judge is sick of her using the court system and wasting everyones time and money. i may countersue for harrassment. but i have wasted enough time on her. her karma will take care of that.

do not rescue dogs from any of her fake organizations (she changes the name every week to avoid the authorities.)

i just recieved another complaint from someone who didnt listen to my adivce and like the rest of us is stuck with a sick dog and no vet records. three strikes that i know of personally, please don't adopt from her. she is a fake rescue, sells sick dogs for money and never produces promised paper work. keeps "forgetting." also claims she is a 501c charitable organization. the attorney generals office of new york states she is not registered and operating without a license.

what a suprise

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3ffbb6bd, 2009-10-20, 04:43PM CDT

she ripped me off too

i got two king charles cavaliers

still waiting for paper work

stay away

this complaint is correct

i wish i had listened but was bugged by my kids, now i am stuck

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