Simmons Bedding Company - Simmons Beautyrest - the KIller Mattress!

Posted on Monday, October 19th, 2009 at 8:09am CDT by 90e74984

Product: Simmons Beautyrest Novinger Lux Firm Mattress

Company: Simmons Bedding Company

Location: US


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Simmons Beautyrest - the KIller Mattress!

Letter to Simmons Corp.

Dear Simmons Customer Care,

This is my second time writing to you. The first time you just sent me to where I bought it and Ortho made me pay a $50 fee to establish if the mattress is visibly shot. It still is not 1.5 depressed, so I continue to be screwed!

This is very simple. I had Beautyrests when I was younger and they we a fine, this time in our new stately home 2 years ago exactly on 8/28/07 we bought a $1500 Cal King Novinger Lux Firm Mattress and it has been the nightmare of our lives!

From the day we got it, it never felt like the one in the showroom not nearly as firm! Then my wife always suffered from the materials, it made her too hot this made her have to leave the bedroom and sleep elsewhere to get some shut eye, but after only a few months the back pain began and I am feeling it strongly right now as there is no firmness to the mattress what so ever!!!

As a reference Im not a small man, but also not gigantic 6 230 lbs my wife 5 at 130 lbs.

But let me say this and even knowing the mattress industry seems to be a non caring ruthless low down industry, I am TIRED of not being taken seriously after buying a top-of the line 1500 product, so this time I will be ruthless posting something about your product and your company policies unless I get a favorable response!

The last mattress I bought was $600 for a queen 11 years ago that now my daughter inherited and its in far better shape than the one we bought from you, so as now someone said when buying another mattress, they dont make them like they use to! Well, the pricing went up considerably, so I want to get what I paid for!!!

If I have to go out and buy another mattress after 2 years and throw away 1500, Simmons should be ashamed of themselves and I will raise hell as this has been a nightmare!!! There was one mattress firmer for another 200/300 does that one last 2.5 years or 3?

The warranty is crap, youve treated me the same way and Ortho well, they adhere to your warranty, so obviously it will get to be 1.5 depressed, by that time get ready to pay doctor bills for two!!!

I will wait for a response for one week and prepare and see all the places where Ill be blogging, posting, etc., about this injustice and lack of customer support from Simmons.

Chris Adams.

Simmons response.

If there are no other manufacturing defects in the bedding product, the normal tolerance level of impressions ( 1 ?) must be exceeded in order to receive a replacement mattress.


The number is not understandable can you please reright

Simmons response.


Note, not one word of - we apologize, nothing!


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