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Posted on Monday, October 19th, 2009 at 2:11pm CDT by 35eb248e

Product: 2002 Lexus IS300

Company: C and F towing company

Location: Candia road manchester NH 03104
manchester, NH, 03104, US

Category: Other

well the cops arrested me and took my car and brought it to C and F towing in december 2008 and left it there. I had my fiance call a couple times asking about the car because she needed it for the kids and they told her the police will not even let anyone in the vehicle to get anything out of it. Well on october 7, 2009 my fiance finally gets a certified letter stating that if noone contacts them within 14 days then they would contact the local police dept and report the vehicle abandoned. so she called them immediately and they tell her that theyve been in contact with the lien holder and they were picking the car up so she tells them she need to get the personal things out of the vehicle atleast and they told her no. so after calling them a couple times and asking them how she can get the stuff out of the vehicle they tell her to get a note notarized from me and so she did and went to get the stuff out of the car and his $1,500 watch is missing along with some christmas presents she had bought for the kids that was brand new. So as shes there someone tells her they are auctioning the car off that the leinholder hasnt been in contact with them and that they already have a couple "inside" bids on the Lexus. So now im out of jail and my credit even worse now because they kept my car and lied, when my fiance could have paid the towing fee as they originally stated in december and taken the car home to give back to the bank.So im not very happy about this and i did report them to concord, the bbb and i am calling my attorney alson. This was very wrong of them to do to me.

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1673fabc, 2010-11-19, 08:01AM CST

Sounds like someone is looking to blame someone else for his mistakes. All of these practices are normal in the towing industry.

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