Wendy's - Wendy's closing early and rude manager

Posted on Sunday, October 18th, 2009 at 1:11am CDT by 164813c4

Company: Wendy's

Location: 9775 Highway 92
Woodstock, Ga, 30188, US

URL: http://www.wendys.com/

Category: Other

On Saturday October 17, 2009, I walked into the Wendy's at 9775 Highway 92 in Woodstock, Ga between 9:50 and 9:55 pm. I just wanted to place a quick takeout order. The sign on the door says the dining room is open until 10:00 pm. The manager, Jason, ran over to me and said I needed to leave, as he had already closed out the front registers. I asked why he had closed them so early. He just repeated that I needed to leave. He said I should go through the drive through. I explained that, due to a shoulder injury, I could not raise my left arm and stick it out to the side, as is required at the drive through window. He just said "Too bad." He could have offered to ring up my order at the drive through window's register and let me take it out, but he didn't. I then said "So you're saying Mr Customer can just shove it." He said "That's right." If this is the caliber of person Wendy's considers to be management material, this is not a company I want to do business with.

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c458eec9, 2014-03-16, 08:36PM CDT

So YOU come in 5 minutes before closing and demand to place an inside order to go because of a shoulder injury..btw likely story..you're originally from Florida....right??

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