rc2corp - rc2corp John Deere Trike Tricycle Toy Manufacturers defect

Posted on Friday, October 16th, 2009 at 1:18pm CDT by c708451b

Product: John Deere Trike Tricycle

Company: rc2corp

Location: 2021 9th Street South East
Dyersville, IA, 52040-2316, US

URL: http://www.rc2.com/

Category: Other

John Deere Trike Tricycle built by RC2Corp appeared solidly built, however, a weekness developed in the neck of the trike under the handle bars which broke and bent unexpectedly causing my son to be thrown face first into the cement sidewalk. RC2Corp offered to send a 20inch bicycle in it's place so "he would have something to ride" now that his trike was broken and he suffered a face injury and "Once you decide if the 20" bike will be a good fit for your son, we will get it ordered and shipped to your address. Marie at RC2Corp decided later to not provide a replacement until broken trike was sent in. Even though I had sent in clear pictures of the injury and the defect it became too inconvenient to find an appropriately sized box to send the trike back so we are at a standstill.


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