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Posted on Friday, October 16th, 2009 at 4:10pm CDT by 0d66b369

Product: Supply Chain Management/ Embry Riddle

Company: Bookstore/Contact Seller

Location: Campus Bookstore 624 W Dickson Street
Fayetteville, AR, 72701, US


Category: Other

Hello to whomever is reading this email. I need some help trying to resolve this issue. I am a Soldier in Iraq trying to continuing my education and I have a problem? I sign up for a class that was supposed to start October 14, 2009 (Supply Chain Management taught here at Camp Victory Iraq by Embry Riddle) but only one problem 3 students sign up for the class and it was cancel and I receive and email 8 days after I already had received my book in the mail. Before I go any further I must warn you I am doing my best trying not to use any profanity words but one may slip out or two because I am PO. Before the class started I had to purchase my book so I was being proactive in buy my book early enough before class started. I brought the book September 23, 2009 and I received it October 1, 2009 and here is my order number thru 103-1262247-3771427. Campus Bookstore have a policy that making this situation very difficult to return this book. You have 7 days to return and item according to Campus Bookstore policy if there a problem. So on the 8 day I receive and email saying that the class was cancel but I didn't know why the class was cancel so I went to the Education Center here to find why and the guy at the help desk told me only 3 students sign up for the class that's why Embry Riddle cancel the class. Then he gave me some information on who to contact so I can return my book because I have no use for this book anymore. Serina Huston she is Director of Academic Support Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kuwait Teaching Sites. DSN (314) 226-1490, COM +44 1638 521490 SKYPE (208) 629-5010. I call her and she told me she couldn't help me because I didn't purchase the book thru Embry Riddle but she did say call Amazon and they should be able to help you. So I did call Amazon and I spoke to some lady name Michelle another lady today but I forgot her name and I receive and email from Ratheesh R. of and they all was ******* USELESS.... I log-on into my account at and trying find out what are procedures are on returning this book and you have to send EMAIL and wait about 3 day later and you might hear something back in and email. They didn't wait 3 days to get their money off my credit card so why do I have to wait 3 days to speak or hear back from someone about this issue. Wrong ******* answer for me because how do I know that they even receive this email. Campus Bookstore don't even have a telephone number posted to call so you can get better guidance on certain situations. The class was cancel and I'm suppose to take a loss of $125.00 HELL **** NO I want take this loss because it's not my fault the class was cancel. With BS policy like this in place this how people lose their job because good customer like me want ever return to purchase from them again. Just to avoid all the DRAMA I will pay little more next TIME.

WOW I got a reply back saying just mail the book and I will get my refund back minus the re-stocking fees. Thank you very much if you all got involve with this issue. You all have a nice week end.


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