Monitronics - Monitronics Alarm will not cancel service

Posted on Thursday, October 15th, 2009 at 3:15pm CDT by e21be9d1

Product: Alarm monitoring

Company: Monitronics

Location: 2350 Valley View Ln., Ste. 100
Dallas, TX, 75234, US


Category: Other

I am a Monitronics customer. According to their website Core Values, their Mission is to provide thier CUSTOMERS with peace of mind through dependable security solutions and exceptional service. I have not had exceptional service today.

I have sold my home and am moving across country for work. We will not be purchasing another home for at least a year. We will be leasing a house. I called customer service today to cancel my service.

I was informed that I could not cancel my service contract for any reason. I was given 2 options. 1 - I could transfer service to new residence. Since this house we are leasing does not have an alarm system, this is not an option. We also cannot add a system since we are not the property owners. 2 I could transfer the service to the buyer. I dont know the buyer, have never met her and will probably only see her after I sign my paperwork.

When we signed up for this service, I specifically asked the door-to-door salesman if we moved would we be able to cancel. He said yes. I know I asked him because I also asked the power company the same question when I agreed to their 12-month contract.

I should not be punished because their salesman did not tell me correct information. On their website (Media Room) they published that they are suing door-to-door sales people for code of ethics. They state that the sales people are lying to customers in order to close the sale.


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