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Category: Other SITE IS A SCAM! It is absolutely invalid. What a waste of my money! Prior to getting the tickets I made sure and asked all the pertinent questions regarding the passes. Here's what the promoter/rep informed me about them: they are good for BOTH men and women, they do not expire, they allow you to go to the front of the line, they will cover your entry fee, and even stated that they're absolutely guaranteed that the passes will work. Sounds good at first doesn't it?? Well, I purchased 10 passes to one of the nightclubs (Tao) for Labor Day Weekend (9/4/09-9/7/09) for all my male and female friends altogether, but when they arrived in the mail, all of the 10 passes I received were only valid for the ladies only. The Rep person worked something out with me stating that I can get a refund for some of the passes, so I had to return those in order to get my refund issued. So now, I am still waiting on my refund and waiting for a reply from him but no response. Most likely, I know that I will not receive a refund and I even filed a claim through Paypal (I used this site to pay for the passes) to make them aware but there was nothing that Paypal could do. I am very displeased with this site and service ( I can't stress that enough. Please, DO NOT go through this website to buy club passes in Vegas. My suggestion rather is to scope around the nightclub you want to attend and look for promoters nearby when you get there. No need to purchase tickets in advance. Hopefully, this feedback helps readers and to be vigilant of fraudulent sales.

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22cf8f43, 2009-12-08, 07:10PM CST

I am currently dealing with the same issue. My friend and I purchased club passes for club Pure for Sat 12/5 and we were told by the reps that if we purchased them by thurs 12/3 they guaranteed they would deliver them to our hotel Sat morning. We left the hotel instructions in the special instructions box like they told us and they never came to the hotel sat or sun. So monday 12/7 rolls around and what do we get in the mail?! An envelope that has NO club passes in it but only a crumbled up piece of paper with packing instructions!!after 3 days of emails we get a response saying there must be an error and asked for my address. Um you have my reciept # why can't you look that up instead of asking?! Also when I called on monday I talked to GILBERT and he said we could get a refund and he would call the hotel because they shouldve been there but never asked me for the hotel info or my info. The same friend used them last year so I don't know what the hell the deal is this time but I am very displeased with it and their customer service SUCKS!!! They are NOT helpful. I will do what I can to to let as many people as I can know about this..

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