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Posted on Wednesday, October 14th, 2009 at 10:03am CDT by 77df8f7c

Product: 2008 sedan

Company: Not Available

Location: US

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I have been a customer of Nissan for 10 years and have always leased (5 cars in total). I have to my knowledge only missed a payment 1 time, nor have i ever defaulted. I recently had an emergency c-section and my baby girl came weeks earlier than planned. Knowing i had a payment due i contacted the customer support on 10-14-09 at 9:30 am and when i spoke to Nissan about deferring my payment for a 1 month period (or any amicable agreement). I was appalled when I was told regardless of my good standing for 10 years that they could do nothing for me. The man went on to say I could not speak to a supervisor nor could they do anything without me being in default. Bottom line Nissan will loose a long time customer in Nov 2010 when the lease is up, and Nissan really needs to re-think there customer service to there quality customers instead of catering to those who are not fulfilling there obligation to there contract. I always thought they were family oriented and was always under the impression that they cared about quality in customer support, service and willing to work with those in a bind. I'm disappointed and shocked. It is unfortunate that they provide Quality products, a mostly quality staff and then follow it up with a disappointing mind set that is most likely triggered by greed, wealth, and the true character of what fuels there company.

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57f76124, 2012-05-10, 11:35AM CDT

They lost another one in us. They did process a one month extension when we were having some troubles, but their own incompetence and ineptness made us cross over our payment date by one day before the extension was approved. Thus, they reported us as a 30-day late but they themselves caused. We're getting it removed by a credit correction service, but want to notice the country to go elsewhere for financing. In fact, don't buy Nissan. This company's employees all claim they read ALL the fine print in all the documents they sign. Everybody knows that's a downright lie. They must all be related to obama. Nissan is despicable, mean spirited and cruel to its OWN CUSTOMERS! Let's get rid of them!

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