University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine - U of Penn Dental School Neglecting Patient

Posted on Wednesday, October 14th, 2009 at 8:11am CDT by 306ae2d2

Product: Dental Care

Company: University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine

Location: 240 South 40th Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19104, US


Category: Other

April 2009 I had dental scaling done to both sides of my mouth at Penn Dental. The procedure is covered by my insurance, but I got a bill from Penn Dental, stating that the insurer would cover only half. The insurer claimed that I'd had the procedure done twice on one side of my mouth, not once on both sides. It would not cover the procedure done twice to one side. Penn Dental told me that the error was my insurer's. I filed a complaint against my insurer with the Pa. Insurance Dept. They replied with documentation from my insurer showing that Penn Dental had informed them that I'd had the scaling twice on only one side of my mouth. I'd had contact with Penn Dental several times by now about this. On Sept. 11 I notified Penn Dental in writing to: Dean Denis F. Kinane; Keith Wells; Joseph Wolk; and Rachel Dworak, Penn Dental employees, about what the Insurance Dept. reported, and I hand-delivered a copy of that report to Mr. Wolk. I sent all of them a time-date stamped email informing them of what was happening. Ms. Dworak replied that she would "discuss" the matter with Mr. Wells on Sept. 12, 2009. I have had not status updates or contact from anyone at Penn Dental until yesterday, when I got another bill from Penn Dental for the same $100. They are not correcting this error, and they continue to bill me for their error.


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