Senior Helpers of Raleigh NC - Refuse to honor promises, Failure to investigate possible client abuse

Posted on Wednesday, October 14th, 2009 at 4:16pm CDT by c6667501

Company: Senior Helpers of Raleigh NC

Location: 3200 Beechleaf Court Suite 100
Raleigh, NC, 27604, US

Category: Other

Please record the following grievances against Senior Helpers:

1. After admitting responsibility to pay for damages to our vehicle causes by one of their clients and after requesting me to get 2 estimates for the repairs Senior Helpers has failed to pay for the damages and expenses.

2. After being told that a Client was afraid of their daughter, Senior Helpers did nothing to investigate the claims nor did they alert any state authorities

3. After being told of the same daughter's aggressive outburst of bringing a tire into the home and throwing it at their mother's feet in a fit of anger, Senior Helpers did nothing to investigate the claim or alert the state authorities.

4. After being told that the same daughter physically blocked their employee from leaving, Senior Helpers again did nothing to investigate the claim. All they did was tell the employee; "We'll we weren't there."

5. When their employee had no further work to do and their clients were tired and wanted to sleep, said employee wanted to go home instead of making the client pay for her to sit while they were sleeping. After learning of the employees decision to treat the client fairly Senior Helpers told the employee, they didn't care, she needs to put the hours in anyway so they can bill the hours. Thus showing that their accounts receivable is more important than their clients receiving fair and honest service.

6. After being told of the client's daughter's negative change in behavior in the way they treated their mother soon after gaining power of attorney, Senior Helpers again did nothing to investigate the claims or alert the authority.

It is our opinion that this firm cares more about their own financial gain than they do in fulfilling their financial obligations and making sure their clients and employees are treated in a fair and safe manner.

PS. This letter was not written in haste as Senior Helpers was given notice of our intent to file this grievance and given ample time to bring correction to the matters mentioned. To date the only statement from them (after we called them) was that their insurance company would call us the next day. That never happened.


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