DishNetwork - DishNetwork sells lousy products they don't support

Posted on Monday, October 12th, 2009 at 2:52pm CDT by 9db0669f

Product: DTVPal

Company: DishNetwork

Location: Dept. 0063
Palatine, IL, 60055-0063, US


Category: Other

Dishnetwork sold me an expensive DVR/converter box that went belly up after only 4 months. After a total of 3 hours on the phone (2.5 of which I spent on hold), DishNetwork told me it was out of warranty, so they won't replace it, won't fix it, and won't give me even a partial refund. When I asked them what they would/could do for me, they said "nothing." In effect, they charged me a lot of money for a piece of crap device they obviously had no intention of supporting. When I asked for the contact info. of the unit's manufacturer (so my techie friend would know who to go to for parts if he could figure out how to fix it), DishNetwork said they didn't know. I've always been opposed to paying for TV reception because I've never heard anything good about any cable or satellite providers. The conversion to digital-only TV signals forced me to deal with one of them for TV show recording equipment only, and DishNetwork lived down to all the bad things I've heard about them.


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