JBL A/C Service and Duct Cleaning - BEWARE: JBL A/C Almost Burned My House Down!!!

Posted on Saturday, October 10th, 2009 at 8:06am CDT by fcfd1e93

Product: Duct Cleaning

Company: JBL A/C Service and Duct Cleaning

Location: 2848 Stirling Rd.
Hollywood, Fl, 33020, US

URL: http://www.jblduct.com

Category: Other

If you are considering hiring JBL...DON'T!!! They don't know what they are doing, they lied and they do shoddy work (at best)!

I hired JBL A/C Service and Duct Cleaning to clean my ducts, dryer vent and install UV light systems in each of my A/C units (2). After charging me $734 and leaving, I realized that my West A/C unit wasn't working and dryer vent was never cleaned. When the techs came back to my house they insisted that they installed the lights properly and that my A/C unit simply went bad...but is was blowing ice cold before they installed the lights. After they left I made repeated calls to their office but nobody would return my call so I called another company to check it out. The other company said that the installers had forced the light between the sequencer and the duct...which broke the sequencer and the installers TAPED the sequencer back together!

Thursday, my wife and I awoke to the smell of burning plastic and a Family Room filled with smoke! The smoke was coming out of the East A/C unit so I shut it off and called the reputable A/C company that fixed JBL's mistakes last week. Again, the installer had forced the light between the metal duct and the sequencer but this time the current arced to the metal housing on the light fixture they installed and caught fire! (See photos) I contacted JBL and received no response.

If you are thinking about hiring these guys....DON'T!!!!! They nearly burned my house down and they didn't even bother to call me back (let alone fix the problem)!!! BEWARE!!!


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