24-7 Coaching Find a coach, Find a Therapist - 247coaching.com broke agreement

Posted on Monday, November 9th, 2009 at 11:18am CST by d35e169a

Product: Referral Service

Company: 24-7 Coaching Find a coach, Find a Therapist

Location: 415 Madison Avenue
NY, NY, 10017, US

URL: http://247coaching.com/

Category: Other

They offered an agreement that if I weren't satisfied at the end of the first year they would refund my $299. I feel they sent several emails not addressing the original agreement, and now they do not respond to my emails.

Here is the salient portion of the original email: I've spoken to my director and here's a deal.

I'll place you on the usual 12 month 'Find A Therapist' service just like the one online now. However, when your service comes up for renewal in 12 months we'll call you and if you are unhappy we'll refund the $299 to you in full. Alternatively, if you're happy to continue the service because you're getting good results we'll simply put you back on the lifetime deal which you signed-up for with no additional payment. This way you have nothing to lose at all!!

Please keep this email for your records too.

Let me know if this is good with you.

Speak soon,


A dedicated member of the 24-7coaching.com team.


I didn't get good results and now they are ignoring me.

You can see the entire email exchange here:


I wouldn't go so far as to say that they are a SCAM, RIPOFF, FRAUD, or SUCK, but I'm pretty close.


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d35e169a, 2009-12-17, 09:59AM CST

As per their request: "I'm pleased to report that this issue has now been successfully resolved by Steve Stockton (owner of 24-7). Steve was not aware of my case, however, once he was made aware he took the appropriate action to assist me. If you have an issue at 24-7 I would urge you to email Steve directly so he can help." His direct email is [email protected]

f050f5d6, 2010-07-25, 12:50PM CDT

Walk away from anything to do with 24/7. I have been trying for over a year to get Steve Stockton to return an email message (using his [email protected] email) or a phone call because his advertising says you will increase your speaking business substantially. He has done nothing for me in three years. Not a single gig. And I'm not a beginner. I've been doing this 15 years - successfully. I just want him to stop lying to people in his advertising. I don't even want my money back. I asked him to prove his statements of increasing business by 5 to 15 gigs per year. He won't return phone calls or emails. He hides behind his staff. Even they won't return any calls. Once he's got your money, you'll never hear from him again.

Walk away and build some LinkedIn relationships. You will have far more luck. Do not spend a penny with 24/7.

df472d09, 2011-11-29, 03:03PM CST

Would love to know how to contact Steve Stocktan the ownwer of 24/7. I was sold a bag of goods by 24/7 NOT one gig, lead or anything. Folks I've talked to who are on the site - say the same thing. They don't return e-mails. Seems like I am out of luck fighting visa. Any help would be great appreciated


9fc6a5dd, 2013-11-18, 07:04AM CST

Same experience. I filed a complaint with my credit card company to see if they can help. Other than that, perhaps I'll record a video like "United Breaks Guitars" I am amazed by the lies I've been told, and I'm not going to be quiet about my experience. By the way, this company now calls itself click-twentyfourseven.com. When they changed their name, they didn't even have the courtesy to inform me.

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