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Posted on Sunday, November 8th, 2009 at 4:27pm CST by 45d2989f

Company: spaniel rescue

Location: 51 Montebello Rd
Suffern, NY, 10901, US

URL: /

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samantha chan is a fake rescue organization who uses pet finder to sell dogs on the internet. in the last 9 months she has changed the name of her organization at least six times and changed the address of her business three times to avoid the authorities. she is a scammer, a liar, uses the court system and then doesn't show up for her case, sells sick dogs for huge fees, claiming they are rescue dogs with much medical care but then can not produce any medical records. when i spoke to her vet regarding a sick dog she sold me, she swore it was a rescue dog that needed 350 dollars worth of medical care. i called her vet. he said he never saw the dog.

please don't adopt from this liar, she is pure evil and help us shut her down. she goes by several names including spaniel rescue, LSRF, american eskimo rescue, heartbandits rescue and any other stupid name she can come up with. she also sells cheap candles on ebay, claiming all proceeds go to the animals. total lie. please avoid her and don't ever get an animal from her.

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3ffbb6bd, 2009-11-08, 04:55PM CST

I live in the same town as this person. This post is true, she has multiple dogs

on her property and they bark constantly. They are kept outside in pens in the rain and snow.

I have seen animal control at her home several times and she keeps wildlife, like raccoons which put all of us at risk for all kinds of diseases, rabies being the most serious. I have made several complaints to the town but nothing is ever done about her. Maybe she hides the animals when authorities come, but she is not a reputable organization.

I have read the continual posts about her and I must agree with the writer of these posts, since my concerns have fallen on deaf ears as well.

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